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Alexandra is naturally passionate about collaborations with other art forms. 

Her programming often carries  multidimensional aspects often with story lines,
most of the times 
involving all sorts of partnerships including culinary. 


Let’s Go Urban was founded in 2009 by Sihame El Kaouakibi, with one clear mission: bringing out the best in young people. The LGU Academy makes this happen with an after school program for urban youth from the age of 6 with a focus on teenagers and young adults from diverse backgrounds.


Ballet 120 Ballet120 is an innovative, professional dance company founded in the fall of 2018 by dancer and choreographer Benjamin Tucker. The mission of Ballet120 is to bring a new awareness and love of the art form by using social media platforms to showcase videos of 120 seconds or less.Ballet120 seeks to change how ballet can sometimes be limiting in its exclusivity by engaging a larger, more diverse audience.

In the middle of the 2020' pandemic, Ben and Alexandra joined forces to start a pop-up series around the Vegas Valley. 


Drawing from the experience of coming from a family of culinary artisans— her sister is a pastry chef and her father was a recipe developer for Swift Armor and Bordon—Alexandra conceived one of the most novel of her collaborations: the Scheherazade Story. Working together with Chefs Steve Barr, Jose Antonio Contreras-Passalacqua, and Juan Morales, each movement of Rimsky Korsakoff’s exotic Scheherezade was paired with a different dish which matched the sensual flavor of the music.

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