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Welcome to Beethoven was a Rockstar! 

A couple of years ago, when I was invited to join Night of the Proms, I entered the universe of crossover. Something I've always loved but never had the opportunity to be part of.


Immediately, I realized that I always belonged to this world but I also noticed this created some confusion with regards to what I was doing. People wondered if I was changing my career to become an exclusive Pops conductor.  Why couldn’t I do both?​


I was often asked if I saw any difference and the answer is very simple:

No, in the end of the day, Beethoven was a Rockstar! 


And that was the beginning of BWR! In this podcast I explore the limits between music styles to understand why we created so many labels to define them. I am interviewing iconic artists that walk the line between music genres and art forms and how they manage all those layers.  

Enjoy our First Season with Christopher Gibbs, Marin Alsop, Joe Jackson, Mason Bates, Suzanne Vega and Nile Rodgers 

Many thanks, 

Alexandra Arrieche


September 21, 2021

Nile Rodgers: Beethoven was a rockstar

with Nile Rodgers

Nile Rodgers talks about his background as a classical musician and how that shaped his career. 

Suzanne Vega BWR official.jpg

August 24, 2021

The renaissance woman

with Suzanne Vega

Suzanne Vega talks about her career, her ability to transition between art forms, her collaborations with Philip Glass and classical orchestras.

Bates cover.jpg

July 20, 2021

The storyteller

with Mason Bates

Mason Bates talks about his career, future of classical music, Mercury Soul and more!

Joe Jackson Cover.jpg

July 6, 2021

Hidden Gems

with Joe Jackson. 

Joe Jackson talks about his career, Will Power,  Night Music, Heaven & Hell, Symphony n.1, The Duke and more!


June 22, 2021

The trailblazer

Marin Alsop talks about Jazz, Diversity, New Music and the premiere of "The Conductor" in Tribeca.


June 8, 2021

first rockstar

Find out who were the first Rockstars, how the concert were structured and what was the social media in Beethoven's time.


June 1, 2021

classical & pop: Was there always a division?

Alexandra Arrieche and Music Historian Christopher Gibbs talk about music and entertainment from the past and what caused the division between classical and pop.

BWR IG square.jpg

May 18, 2021


Welcome to Beethoven was a Rockstar! 

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